Articles for the Month of April 2016

Strip Club Etiquette To Keep In Mind

Most often if your mode of entertainment is going into strip clubs and having your daily or weekly booze of entertainment from such places, probably we really wouldn’t have thought what really strip club etiquette can be like. You really wouldn’t know; because quite often you follow the trace of someone else present. Quite often when in strip clubs, no one is told how to behave or what the nature of the job is or even the nature of the client is. But just like any other place there are strip club etiquette you might want to know, because you might be that daily or weekly goer, or you might want to explore a strip club someday in the near future.

It’s not about the sex

From a stripper’s point of view, it merely is nothing to do with sex. Stripping is a form of dance.

Many clients expect that the best stripper would have sex with them, but it is not the case. One of the most annoying things about being in the industry is that clients beg and offer so much money to have sex with them. This job is mistaken with prostitution quite often, just because of getting clothe less or dancing half naked. So good point to remember is never expect sex or never keep forcing one in the industry of stripping to have sex, even though that might be your preferred entertainment, of being at a strip club.

Be nice and not creepy

After all, even though they might be in the industry of giving entertainment through stripping, but they are human. So good to keep in mind to always be nice, even though sometimes it might be way too hard to control it, due to the sexual mind set one has. But being nice over creepy helps. Quite often, girls in the industry are creped out by what men have to say, or for the age of some men. After all this is different than prostitution. You are paying to get a form of dance, in the strip club, not paying to get laid, so sitting back and enjoying the moment and living is what really you should be doing, rather than making fun of a girl or making creepy comments, that makes her reconsider why she is really doing this.

Wear Deodorant

As much as you are paying for your service at a strip club, it is always good to have some form of respect for these girls. After all you are not the only client for a day, its countless numbers some days. Many in the industry have complained about unbearable body odors and that sometimes it’s just too unbearable, that it effects them in dancing. So very important to make sure if you are entering a strip club, wear a strong deodorant that would hold up for a couple of hours, cause the wait in strip clubs might be long, unless of course you have an appointment before. Wearing deodorant is going to make both yours and your entertainer’s time much more comfortable.