Articles for the Month of November 2015

New To The City Of Melbourne: Things To Do And Experience

Melbourne is the city of the state if Victoria, Australia and is a great place to be in. The city has become a popular destination over the years for tourism, academic pursuits, work and settling. The area is famous for many different things and if you recently moved there to study or work, or just visiting for a short-time, there are so many things to experience. Here are a few things you should definitely do during your time in the exciting city of Melbourne;
Treat Yourself to the Great Culinary Delights
Delicious food is a specialty of the city that you must experience while you are there. The Central Business District of Melbourne is well-known for its many Michelin-star restaurants, food trucks and cafes. There is a wide variety of cuisines to choose from, given the ethnic diversity of the area. Whatever your preference of cuisine is, whether it is Indian, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese or French, they are all available in the city of Melbourne. You can experience the tastes of signature dishes prepared by world-renowned chefs at a fine-dining restaurant or have a taste of the great selection street food available all over town.
Go Sightseeing Around the City
There are many places to visit and go sightseeing in around the city. Popular destinations include the Royal Botanical Garden which is home to a variety of plants that are indigenous to Australia; the Shrine of Remembrance which honors the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the Great War and the Eureka Tower with a sky deck from which you can view the entire city. You can even take a ride on a hot air balloon to enjoy a birds-eye view of the picture-perfect scenery.
Have a Fun Night Out
Melbourne nightlife is a thrilling experience and the streets fill up with partygoers and people just looking to have a good time. The city comes to life with lights, dancing and music. The roads of the city are lined with a number of clubs and pubs to choose from. If you still haven’t met anyone special to enjoy a night out with, you can always hire someone to accompany you for the night through an escort agency.
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Discover the Street Arts
Melbourne is also the birthplace of street art in the country by famous contemporary artists. Among the best locations to view street art are the Caledonian Lane, Palmerston Street, Flinders Lane and Degraves Street. You can take a guided street are tour around town or take a walk down the laneways and alleys by yourself. There are also many inspirational public art and sculptures to be found scattered all around the city.