Articles for the Month of August 2014

Escort & Brothel Etiquette

If you’ve ever visited a brothel or utilised escort services you may not have realised that there is a set of etiquette ‘rules’ that the workers follow and that they expect you to follow. While these ‘rules’ aren’t spelt out to prior to using the services offered, you should be aware of them anyway.For those working in sex jobs or brothel jobs you will find that they will respect your personal boundaries and they will be discreet – they aren’t going to come running up to you on the street to say hi; in fact, they will probably just pass you by as if you were just another person (even if you visit them regularly). You should offer them the same courtesy – you never know who they are with or if the person they are with knows what they do for a job.

You should always treat the person you are seeing as if you would treat a partner or close friend – with respect. They are offering you a Melbourne adult service and will always treat you with respect so you should do the same; apart from what services you are paying them for, you should never do anything to a sex worker that you wouldn’t do to your partner. There is of course some etiquette to follow before you even step foot in a brothel or before your appointment with an escort. This includes general hygiene such as shower, brushing your teeth, wearing deodorant, making sure your genitals are clean and not drinking too much before you go.

Depending on when you go you should remember that the brothel may only have a limited number of workers at any one time and you may be expected to wait until they have finished with their current clients. If you are unable to wait or you want a particular person at a particular time, give the brothel a call before hand to arrange this; they can then ensure the worker is available for you at the time you are after. Once you are there it pays to remember not to be aggressive towards the worker or they may just walk out on you; let them know what you want, your fantasies and fetishes but never demand; and expect to practise safe sex at all time.

You should also expect to pay upfront prior to any services taking place, and you will receive the service that you pay for. If you are planning on visiting a particular brothel that you have never visited before, you may like to give them a quick phone call first. This phone call will establish expected costs, when you are expected to pay and any other guidelines you may need to follow. By ensuring you know the general etiquette of how to act in a brothel or with an escort and what is expected and what you should expect, you can be sure that you will have an enjoyable time. To know more about best Melbourne brothel, visit