Articles for the Month of September 2013

Adult Sex Toys Are Really Fun

Adult sex toys are great fun! And they are especially popular amongst teenagers. So what are sex toys? These are items especially intended for sexual enhancement.  If you ask why to use sex toys, I’d say just because you like to have sex. Some use them for mere sex, while some use them to enhance a loving relationship.

Myriad kinds of adult novelties are available in the market ranging from vibrator, dildo, butt plug, nipple clamp, glass sex toy, horse shoe and cock ring to lubricants and even certain kinds of food and clothing. The ultimate purpose of all these is to provide sexual pleasure, or to enhance the sexual life of a couple. Click here for adult sex shop in Australia.

Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, providing massage from mild to forceful. They can be used on any sensitive body part that really derives pleasure from the vibration—the clitoris, the G spot or the penis.

You go to a dildo shop, and you will find a wide collection of penetration play toys. Dildos are phallus-shaped non-vibrating toys, used for sexual stimulation of the vagina/anus. They are usually made of rubber, but can also be found in other materials like metal or glass. You will also find double penetration dildos, designed for both-end penetrations, used for mutual penetration by the partners, or for both anal and vaginal penetration of a single woman.

Serving a similar purpose are the horseshoes. These horseshoe-shaped toys are made of softer plastics, and are inserted into the vagina and the anus at the same time. Then there are the butt plugs, which are non-vibrating anal stimulation toys. So if you are one of those who don’t like a lot of movement for anal stimulation, butt plugs are the ones for you. Butt plugs come in straight and curved shapes. While the curved butt toys follow the natural curve of the rectum, the straight ones are made soft enough to curve down and follow the natural curve of the rectum. However, butt plugs should not be shared with others because of the risk of blood-borne diseases.

A nipple clamp is a kind of clamp used to stimulate the nipples using varying degrees of pressure. A cock ring is worn around the penis and the scrotum for holding the blood inside the penis. Wearing it gives a sensation of tightness and puffiness, and prolongs erection. Get more information about couples vibrator.

Add some lubricant into the penetration play for extra zing and fun. Lubricants are basically liquid jelly used to enhance a woman’s natural lubrications for smoother and frictionless penetration. Lubricants are water-based, silicon-based or oil-based. But the water-based lubricants are mostly preferred because they are condom friendly. A water-based lubricant used on the inside of a condom give stronger sensations to the penis.

Although condoms aren’t traditionally counted amongst adult sex toys; but we feel that an absolutely worry-free, safe-sex can result in some real hot sex. With the online shopping companies flashing attractive offers on condoms for sale, you can even have fun experimenting with a variety of the world’s best condoms coming in just one single packet. So go, get the sex novelty which you think would suit you best. But make sure to bank only on the trusted companies like Jimmyjane, which has been in the business for a decade now.